Who We Are


We are training and consulting firm based in Cape Town South Africa! We provide corporate solutions to governments and private organizations. Our focus is Capacity Building with an aim of adding value to Accredited Qualifications already held or envisioned to be held by individuals or organizations!

At Corporate Consulting & Training International (CCTI) we design and deliver quality professional training and Human Resource Development training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills.

CCTI provides a unique range of training programmes focused on the development of leadership skills and personal skills for the benefit organizations in Africa. Africa face new policy challenges as they develop and in turn, would require stronger institutions and higher skill Levels. CCTI focuses on the providing smarter training solutions to corporate learning and development.

CCTI Institute will deliver various services including: Consultancy & Workplace research, customized training to employees of many esteemed corporates. One of the key reasons that there is no meaningful development in Africa is the lack of capacity by beneficiaries to implement sustainable programmes.

We also conduct customized programs for corporate companies, Technical Institutes/ associations.

Training has been generally defined as the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior.
Our Consulting service a business activity where one or more of our experts (consultants) avail ourselves to our clients to provide professional advice to an individual or an organization for a fee.
By professional definition we at CCTI understand Hospitality to mean “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”.

CCTI - Background

CCTI was established in May 2013 with the aim of providing short duration, high quality and high intensity training courses to organizations in Southern Africa.

Each of our courses is carefully researched with the market to ensure customers’ needs are identified and met.

The courses are of a highly practical nature providing skills that are easy to implement back in the work environment.

CCTI has team of 30 highly qualified consultants to deliver the courses. These consultants are specialists actively involved in consulting to business in their particular fields.

This gives them a fuller insight into delegate needs as well as knowledge about actual trends in the market which makes the courses extremely practical and relevant.

CCTI has a total of 50 different training courses that we currently run as public course at venues around South Africa. This allows our clients to send one or two of their staff at a time on training ensuring the office can carry on running while still uplifting the skills of their key team members.

CCTI can also provide these courses as customized on-site training specifically for requesting and larger organizations. This provides the benefits of discounted prices, convenient training at your premises and the opportunity to customize the course to the company’s specific needs.


At CCTI, Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants’ on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the objectives and strategy of their organization


To become a Premier Provider of corporate training solutions in Human Capital and Organizational Strategies for Africa


  • Integrity. Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.
  • Innovation. Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first.
  • Delivering Superior Results. Exceed expectations, consistently.
  • Corporate Responsibility. Serve and improve the communities in which we live.
  • Diversity. Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both dignity and respect.
  • Global Involvement. Seek a world view and act without boundaries


Cornelius Mainga

Cornelius Mainga

Founding Director & CEO
Cornelius Mainga
Founding Director & CEO

A corporate entity founder, CEO and Senior Trainer at the Corporate Group of companies in Southern Africa. He is a business education consultant and Specialist in developing skills in ambitious people to increase both personal and organizational performance.

Cornelius provides training & development to management, leadership, change management and other education and skills based programs for an international client base. In CCTI Cornelius is responsible for company networking, clientele selection and decision making.

Cornelius has a diverse background in Accounting & Finance (MBA), Project Management (PGD) and Change Management

Arthur Phiri

Arthur Phiri

Finance & Operations Director
Arthur Phiri
Finance & Operations Director

A specialist in finance and operations in South Africa. He is responsible for financial restructuring of CCTI operations, Pricing of CCTI services and negotiating activity funding for the firm. In his professional time Arthur is a practising accountant in the republic of South Africa.

Arthur has an Accounting & Finance background with his bachelor’s degree and 15 years of Accounting Practice in South Africa, Lesotho and Zambia.

Happy Mokwena

Happy Mokwena

Hospitality Coordinator
Happy Mokwena
Hospitality Coordinator

A recent graduate of Hospitality Management from Tshwane University of Technology, and has launched her career in serving as a Hospitality expert already in South Africa with a vision of taking over the Training and Hospitality industry in the Southern region. She has acquired experience during her in-service training at Morning star express hotel and Manhattan hotel in Pretoria with over 2 years of experience.

Happy will be responsible of putting the smile on the clients’ faces. She handles the pickup and drop off and manages the off class matters including Team Building excuses and general outings.

Current Team of Consultants

Our key staff:

Mr. Cornelius Mainga -

CEO-(MBA-Finance) (Swaziland)

Mr.Arthur Phiri -

Audit & Accounting Specialist (South Arica)

Dr. Levi Kabagambe -

Associate Consultant-Procurement (Uganda)

Mr. Paul Nyamuda -

Senior Consultant-HR & Psychology (South Arica)

Mr. Amechi Dike -

Senior Consultant-Projects & Strategy (South Arica)

Other Lecturers/ Consultants:

Economics, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Section

Dr. Levi Kabagambe -


Vincent Loveday -

(Business Management)

Cornelius M. Mainga -


Finance, Tax, Accounting, Auditing Section

Patrick Dlamini -


Dumsile Masina -

(Audit & FR)

Cornelius M. Mainga -

(Finance, Grants & Funding)

Arthur Phiri -

(Book Keeping, FR, AF)

Human Resource Management & Development Section

Paul Nyamuda -

(Human Psychology & High Productivity)

Amechi Dike -

(Strategic Human Resource Policy)

Andrew Marevesa -

(HRD Specialist)

Sikelela Dlamini -

(Organisational Psychology)

Procurement Management Section

Dr. Levi Kabagambe -

(Procurement Framework)

Amechi Dike -

(Procurement Strategy)

Information Communication Technology Section

Siji Akinawo -

(Numeracy & IT)

Donald Jonato -

(Applications & Systems Analysis)