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So what exactly do we mean when we refer to in-house training for companies and businesses?  In practical terms, ‘In House‘ refers to the internal operation of an organization, and activities which are carried out by internal staff and employees.

Situation Analysis 

CCTI will conduct this process to collect methods that your managers use to analyse your organization’s internal and external environment to understand the organization’s capabilities, customers, and business environment. CCTI will usually carry out the most effective of the 3 methods of analysis: The 5cs Analysis, The SWOT Analysis and the Porter Five Forces Analysis.

Customization of Training

CCTI will then deliver a practical and effective training program customized to your needs. Our training can support the strategic goals of your business by identifying and overcoming barriers to better performance, improving employee engagement and increasing your leadership capability. The situational Analysis exercise will work as a data collection process to help with Customization activity.

Training Solutions, Learning methodology & Support

All our programs are delivered by industry facilitators who are experienced, academically qualified and passionate about excellence in professional practice.

CCTI will apply well researched, practical, and tested mechanisms based on applied adult learning principles.

To Train your staff CCTI will evaluate your entity step by step and ensure your staff are trained in what is required for them to perform well on their jobs.

#1: Time

Realistically how much time do you have to train your employees? Do you need them to be ready to start work within one week (Short Course Orientation), or you aiming for long-term development (Long term Course Orientation)? Once you know how much time you have available, we will then be able to structure your training program to accommodate this. If you only have a short period of time available consider a more intense and compact training course.

#2: Resources

Do the resources you have available fit with the type of training you want to deliver? Consider what kind of budget you need to deliver the training, how many staff will be involved, and whether you need to gather specific resources before training can begin.

#3: Premises/ Venues

Where are you going to deliver your training? Consider what kind of space you need, whether it will be a class room or computer suite, or even and open space. Are there restrictions on where you can deliver your training that will make certain planned activities difficult or even impossible?

#4: Numbers

How many people will the training be delivered to? Consider whether you need to structure in multiple training sessions to accommodate larger numbers with multiple trainers. Does the style of training restrict the numbers? For example, does each trainee need individual supervision?

#5: CCTI Trainers

Once you have identified who will need the employee training, CCTI will then provide its expertise in conducting the training. Our experienced trainers will be able to offer key insights into how best to structure the desired learning outcomes for the program.


Organization-wide leadership capability
 Effectiveness of management teams
 Achieving cultural change
 Major re-organization
 Accessing and implementing new ideas
 Managing costs
 Managing growth
 Addressing technological advances
 Domestic competition

There are many advantages of In House Training whatever the scope or size of your organization, these include:

  • Offers better value for money then outsourcing training
  • Ability to customize Training to the exact company needs
  • In House Training is more flexible in terms of scheduling
  • Travel and subsidiary cost savings for employees
  • Ability to adapt training during delivery if needed
  • Company will develop its own tools which can also be commercialized
  • Improves internal communication within the organization
  • Fosters Team Building and better working relationships